Monday, October 8, 2012

October Menu!!

Since I'm starting today, I'll start with today. 

Mexican Monday-10/8--Breakfast Burritos with Fresh Fruit
Italian Tuesday-10/9--Homemade Pizza with Green Salad
Asian Wednesday-10/10--Beef Broccoli Lo Mien
Soup Thursday-10/11--Classic Chicken Noodle Soup with Chicken Roll Ups
American Friday-10/12--All American Burgers with Crisp French Fries
Seafood Saturday-10/13--Childhood Fish Sticks with Tater Tots
Football Sunday-10/14--Award Winning Chili with Buttery Cornbread

Mexican Monday-10/15--Carnitas Tacos with Mexi Rice
Italian Tuesday-10/16--Spaghetti and Slow Cooker Meatballs with Green Salad
Asian Wednesday-10/17--Curry Chicken over Steamed White Rice
Soup Thursday-10/18--Chicken Tortilla Soup with Cheesy Quesadillas
American Friday-10/19--Home style Pork chops with Baked Potatoes and Green Beans
Seafood Saturday-10/20--Grilled Fish(your choice) with Wild Rice and Sauteed Broccoli
Football Sunday-10/21--Teriyaki Chicken Legs with My Mac n Cheese and Vegetable Tray

Mexican Monday-10/22--Tostasdas with Tortillas Chips and Fresh Salsa(Yes, I will put up MY recipe)
Italian Tuesday-10/23--Lasagna with Garlic Bread(Hubby's version)
Asian Wednesday-10/24--Pot Stickers with Dipping Sauce and Steamed Vegetables
Soup Thursday-10/25--Egg Drop Soup with Egg Rolls
American Friday-10/26--Hot dogs with Chips
Seafood Saturday-10/27--Homemade Sushi with Baked Mussels
Football Sunday-10/28--Loaded Nachos, Jalapeno Poppers and Mozzarella Sticks

Mexican Monday-10/29--Chili Relleno with Beans and Mexi Rice
Italian Tuesday-10/30--Chicken Fettachini Alfredo with Olive Garden Breadsticks(homemade)
Asian Wednesday-10/31--Beef Stir Fry over Homemade Rice Noodle



  1. Yum ... good ideas. Could you also post some desserts that you make as well?

    1. Absolutely! I think I'll be posting desserts at least once a week. Any suggestions on what I should make?