Spicy Calzones

Spiced Up Calzones!!!

Today I made spiced up Calzones.  I was kind of in a rush so I used already made pizza dough from the store.  I used 2 for our family of 6.  I say they are spiced up because to me its more of a mexican/italian dish.

2 bags of pizza dough in the refrigerated section
ground sausage
diced ham
sauteed onion
mozzerella cheese
pasta sauce

Cut each ball of dough into 3 even sections.  Roll them out and spread sauce over entire surface.  Place your choice of toppings on one side of circle.  When finished fold over bare side to full side a crimp closed.  Bake on a pizza pan for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  Yum!

My food, My way!

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